Q&A: Does the Bride pay for the Bridesmaid Dresses?

By White Runway, June 27, 2014

Your bridal party is a huge part of your big day – from calming those last-minute jitters to shimmying down with you at the reception, your wedding simply wouldn’t be the same without your nearest and dearest gal pals. So how do you say thanks? Some brides might choose to prettify their besties by springing for the cost of their bridesmaid dresses. It gives you the chance to pick out the perfect bridesmaid dress and basically shuts down any protests when you choose that canary yellow or hot pink shade you’ve always dreamed about.


Beautiful Bride with her Beautiful Bridesmaids in the Strapless Honour Bridesmaid Dress

Another fantastic and cost-effective option is to treat your ladies to a special activity for some serious bonding time. Break out the champagne and enjoy a mani / pedi party, or channel your inner zen and sign everyone up for a weekend yoga retreat.


You can also splurge on an accessory related to your wedding day, like an adorable hair clip, a pair of sleek stilettos, a pretty robe or paying for the makeup application or hairstyling on the actual day. Whatever route you go, just make sure it’s in line with whatever you’ve asked of your girls. If they’re flying halfway around the world, consider spending a little more and purchase their bridesmaid dresses along with a gift.


Ideally you should know whether you’re paying for the bridesmaid dresses before you ask your girls to join the party. If you’re going for gifts, have a quick conversation with each bridesmaid to set a budget that works for everyone – if need be, you can always top it up a bit to make sure you get what you want.


Remember, the girls in your bridal party love you and want to celebrate with you. Most bridesmaids are used to paying for their own dresses – just be upfront about your plans and get ready for a memorable time together!




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