How To Pick The Perfect School Formal Dress

Finding the perfect school formal dress can be challenging. Many girls feel immense pressure when faced with what to wear to a formal event.

We know how hard it can be, which is why we've put together our top tips for choosing a school formal dress to help you avoid common mistakes.


Choose A Rewearable Dress

Finding the perfect dress that is not a one-and-done item is always ideal. If you can see yourself wearing the dress again in the future, then it’s probably a good buy and worth spending a little more money on the right dress.

However, if it's the type of dress that you will most likely never wear again, then you might not want to spend an insane amount of money on it.

Price is an important factor to consider here, so make sure you are sticking within your budget. However, feel free to splurge a bit if you think the dress has longevity beyond your school formal or prom night.


Is The Formal Dress Unique?

Possibly one of the worst things that can happen when arriving at your formal event is discovering someone else wearing the same dress as you. To avoid this, don’t buy your dress at retail outlets or online stores that sell mass-produced products. 

Try to find a dress type that is unique and unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. This is easier said than done; however, you can find the perfect school formal dress with a bit of extra effort and time spent searching.


Compliment The Shape Of Your Body

The first key to finding the perfect prom dress is finding a dress that fits your body shape. School formal dresses can come in all shapes and sizes. One of the main factors to take into account when searching for a dress is your body shape.

Dress for your body type by choosing a dress that compliments your body's natural shape.

Also, consider the colour of your evening dress. Ensure the colour you choose goes well with the tone and colour of your skin.


Select Something That Reflects You

When choosing the perfect formal dress, you might find yourself being pressured into buying something that someone else likes rather than what you like. If you go with a dress that someone else chose, you will feel ill at ease wearing it on the big night. As disappointing as this might sound, not all styles suit all body types.

By choosing a dress style that flatters your body shape, you will look and feel confident and attractive.

Rather, choose a formal dress that reflects your unique personality and body type and that you feel comfortable wearing. That way, you will never regret your choice and you will feel more confident wearing it.


Make Sure It’s Comfortable

Many girls make the mistake of buying a formal dress that looks good but fail to consider how it will feel to wear it all night long. When choosing evening dresses or evening gowns, consider how tight they might be or whether the material will be scratchy or soft on your skin.

On the big night, you’re not only going to stand but will spend time sitting down and dancing as well. You want to have a good time, after all. Therefore, you want a dress that not only looks good but is also comfortable. You will enjoy your night far more if you feel like you can move your body with ease.

Feeling and looking your best is always a priority when attending formal events – especially at your school formal so finding that perfect dress that you adore is a must. But don’t worry, at White Runway we promise you won’t have to be spending a small fortune to look a million dollars on the night.

To get your perfect school formal dresses or prom dresses, browse our collection or book an appointment with White Runway today and let us help you make your night memorable.