Tips To Prepare For The Wedding Dress Fitting

As soon as you get engaged, one of the first things that become a top priority is finding that  perfect wedding dress to wear down the aisle on your special day.


Now, after months of hunting through every bridal shop, you’ve finally found the wedding dress of your dreams and you’re all set to lock it up safely in your cupboard until your wedding day.


However, even after you’ve found the one ‒ the dream dress, that is ‒ it likely still isn’t the absolute perfect dress. 


This is where wedding dress fittings come into the picture. Having your dress adjusted to fit your beautiful, unique body is an essential part of the dress-fitting process. Let’s look at how you can go about preparing for your wedding dress fitting well in advance. 


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Do Some Shopping

Before you going to your first fitting appointment, you may want to hit the local shopping centre ‒ or the internet. Finding the perfect shoe height is an important part of preparing for your bridal fitting because the heel height of your shoes will influence the cut and length of your dress’s hem length.


What should I bring to my wedding dress fitting?

You will want to bring your wedding shoes along to the wedding gown fitting so that your bridal consultant or seamstress will be best positioned to readjust your hem to the perfect length.


It is also important to shop for your other accessories, or at least purchase or rent accessories in a similar style to the ones you hope to wear on the big day. Your choice of jewellery, belt, garter, or bolero might just change the entire look of your wedding dress, which is why it's important to bring these and any other items with you to your dress fittings. 


Another essential item to go shopping for is proper undergarments. We all know the difference a well-fitting push-up bra can make, so be sure to find garments that make you look and feel your best. Bringing these to your wedding dress fitting will impact any adjustments that may need to be made and will help you check for any unflattering panty lines that a pair of Spanx body shapers may help smooth through your dress. 

Wedding dress fitting tips   

Book A Successful Wedding Dress Fitting

Once you have all of the accessories you will need at the wedding dress fitting appointment, the next step in your wedding dress fitting checklist is to book your first appointment. Remember that you may need to make time for multiple fittings, depending on the number of alterations needed. 

How Long Does A Bridal Dress Fitting Take?

On average, you should plan for your first wedding dress alterations appointment to last about an hour.


When should a bride have her first fitting?

It is best to schedule your first fitting well in advance of your wedding to improve the chances of your alterations being made on time. Aim to book your first fitting about three months before the wedding date. The talented artists working on customising your dress fit to your body need time to make your dress look its best. 


Who should I bring to my wedding dress fitting?

Bring your best friend, bridesmaids or a family member to the fitting to get their opinions on your work in progress! 

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